Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Blog Name and Identity

So this week, I was doing some research on how to get more traffic to my little blog and found out that I am indexed on Google but not on Bing.  And don't ya know you need to be indexed on BOTH.  Uh, ok.  What I did find is that there are other people called "The Sassy Lady". With really nice logos and long time blogs. Well, crap. 

I just started this blog a couple of months ago and I'm not really married to the name, so I guess I could change it up but man that is a lot to ask for.  Since my last name is Sasse (the e is silent), it just seemed fun to make a pun out of "Sassy".  However, I'm not really sure I'm a "Sassy Lady".  My idea of a fun night is sitting at home on the couch trying to catch up with my DVR'd shows.  Exciting, eh?  Not exactly Sassy though my personality is pretty sassy and anyone I know will tell you that immediately, so that is why I went with it.

Now, that I'm a whole 2 months in, I'm not sure it fits what I write about or me.  I'm all over the map, kids, recipes, PSAs, crafts (it's coming - I promise!), etc... so maybe something that fits that is better.  The big question is, do I keep the "Sassy" part or leave it out?  I also know how important it is to build a brand, so you can't really just switch every six months and hope to find a following or a brand.  This is going to be hard - I want this to encompass who I am and who I might be.  I'm hoping not only to share with the world on this blog but to find myself a little bit.  I know that sounds so 90's new age, but it's true and heck, I was only in my teens and early 20's in the 90's so I was just trying to survive let alone 'find myself'.  I guess I'll just need to start from scratch and brainstorm (or storyboard for those of you really up on it all).... hmmm.... let's see what I've come up with so far:

Chronicles: I really like this word and for some reason, it just jumped out at me recently.  So if take that to the next level what could I do with it?

Sassy Chronicles: This is good, still has the Sassy, but maybe it's too simple?

J.K. Sasse Chronicles:  Seems kind of long winded and who the heck is J.K anyways?  Is this person just trying to copy J.K. Rowling?  Could this help with web searches though?  Anyone who searches for J.K. Rowling may end up getting my site too - that would not be unfortunate.

Sasse Chronicles:  This at least uses my real last name and people will say "sassy" when they read this no matter how many times I would correct them - that's cool, it gets my name and the sassy across.

Mommy Chronicles:  Yea I'm a mom but that is not all that I am.  I'm so many things, and I'm not sure I'm just trying to reach a 'mommy' crowd, know what I mean?  I'm pretty sure this one's already taken by at least 100 or so Moms.

The Working Mom Chronicles:  Again, yes I'm a working mom, but is that all I am.  I'm pretty sure that it's not and what happens when my kids are out of the house?  How do I keep up that mirage?

The Chronicles: Like I'm the only chronicle out there - yeah, sure.  Delusional party of one.  I'm also pretty sure this one is taken but some big wig somewhere.

Gluten Free Chronicles:  Yes, we are gluten free, but again, this does not define me or what I'm about.  Maybe some day it will or could, we'll see.

Crazy Chronicles:  Well, I'm definitely a little goofy and things do get crazy around here.  It's also fun, but will people think this is a mental health blog?

The Everything Chronicles:  I like this - kind of like an everything bagel.  Which by the way I just tried the everything GF crackers by Vans -super yummy, but I digress.  This is a pretty cool name and doesn't limit me to just one thing.  There is of course already the "Chronicles of Everything" written by a 23 year old Australian.  Which kind of baffles me - how at 23 can you know everything or even chronicle it?  Stop it mean old lady - just stop it.

The Chronicles for All that is Good:  This alone is just way too long!  I'll have to come with an acronym and who wants that?

The Nothing Chronicles: This is an antonym of everything but it just seems so negative.

Chronicles of Sasse:  Which essentially is like the one above, just reworded.  I'm not sure that I'm a fan of the "Chronicles of" wording.....

Wanna Be Chronicles: I am a wanna be or want to be of so many things - but again, maybe too negative.  People also might start thinking my name is Wanna Be.  Not good.

Chronicles of a Jack (or Jill) of all Trades:  Wow - another long winded title.  Enough said.

The Chronicles of All:  This is a little too broad I think and a little 'out there'.

Suburban Chronicles:  Since I'm not a Pioneer Woman, I was wondering what type of regional woman am I.  I guess I'm a suburbanite.  Though technically we are even further out than that but not really rural either.  I'm not feeling this.

What do you think?  If anyone is reading this, please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

I'm not sure if I'll settle on something soon but I'm committed to changing in the next few months and getting more of a real site set up.  Stay tuned....

Until next time...
J.K. Sasse

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