Tuesday, October 29, 2013

9th Birthday: A Love Letter to My Daughter

Before October is officially over, I wanted to make sure I posted this love letter to my daughter who turned nine this month.

Dear #1,

You are nine years old!!! I can't believe it.  I remember clearly the day you were born.  I was exhausted from your birth as it was a doozy but so excited for you to be here.  You were super small (3lbs 7 oz) but 100% perfect.  I loved you from the minute that I heard your cry, for you see I didn't get to hold you until the day after you were born.  You were 6 weeks early and we did not plan on your early arrival.  The medical staff wanted to make sure that you were stable before we could hold you and when I did, my love for you grew one hundred times over.

Now, you are a thriving third grader.   You are over 50lbs with long lanky limbs, delicate fingers, vivid blue eyes, blondie-blonde-blonde hair, and beautiful dark long lashes.   You are sweet, kind, generous, loving, shy and outgoing at the same time, strong, lively, and brave.  You are a good daughter, a loving big sister, and a fantastic friend.

You are super duper smart and work so hard at your school assignments.  You bring home the best school grades and report cards, we are so proud of you. Besides that, your teachers and friends adore you - what is there not to love??

I enjoy watching you be very active in many activities, like swimming, cheer, dance, softball, and Girl Scouts.  You have blossomed into a little athlete and enjoy being with your special group of friends.  You are so lucky to have this group of friends always at your side.  They are all very nice girls and I hope you are all BFFs for a very long time!

There have been times over the years that I have wanted to jump in and solve all of your problems but have realized that you handle things pretty well.  You are mature and wise beyond your years and you think through situations with a kind heart even though what you receive in return is not the same all of the time.  I know all of this is a learning experience for you yet it is still hard for me to watch. I want to protect you forever because you'll always be my little girl.  I know deep down you need to experience these things like the bully girl who claims to be your friend but tries to intimidate you and others into doing what she always wants to do.  I know I need to step back and let you experience life - the ups and the downs. It will make you a better person and ready for the world but not for another 9 years - because up until then you are all mine girlie!!!

You are growing into such a wonderful young lady. I am proud to be your mother and am so proud of you in many ways. You have exceed my expectations of having a daughter and I love you more than infinity! 

I love you with all of my heart,

P.S. Next year you'll be in double digits - what will we do then!!!

Until next time,
J.K. Sasse

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