Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Product Review: Burger King SatisfriesTM

One night after working all day, attending school conferences for #1, picking up #1 from the after school program, and on our way to cheer practice, we needed dinner.  We were rushing to the practice site when we saw Burger King and I thought, "well, it's not the healthiest choice, but a girl (or girls in this case) have got to eat!"  So we rolled on in to the drive thru.

When I was reading over the sign, I kind of got excited when I saw that they were offering the new SatisfriesTM.  I heard about these new fries through the Hungry Girl daily email communications as being a better alternative to BK's current fry options.  Burger King is marketing them as having 40% less fat and 30% less calories than their traditional french fries.  They also say they are cut directly from the potato and are crispy on the outside while being light and fluffy on the inside.  With that said, I placed my order for a large SatisfriesTM.

We received our order and started towards the park where we could enjoy our meal, but I couldn't wait. I just had to have a hot SatisfriesTM (FYI: there is not a singular way to say this product, like "Satisfry", this baffles me).  I plucked a hot steamy SatisfriesTM from the bag and noticed that yes, it is a thick crinkle fry, they were a light golden color and looked appetizing. With that said, I am not overly found of crinkle fries, but these are thicker than the average crinkle fry so I had high hopes.  I bit into one.  It was pretty crispy, so that was good.  Then the middle came. Blech. It was a little too meaty for me, or do I say potatoey - is that a word?  It was almost like eating a dry steamed or baked potato with nothing on it.  Now, I like a meaty fry like a steak fry but then I need oodles of condiments like ketchup and mayo to make it worthwhile.  I think if you are going to start adding that kind of calorie and fat laden extras to a fry that is trying to claim it has less calories and fat, then you are not really gaining anything in my mind.  I have no problems eating the regular French fry product without any condiments, not even ketchup.  You just don't need it to cover a dry potato taste and texture like you do with the SatisfriesTM because it doesn't exist.  For those type of people that really enjoy crinkle fries I think they'll like these but note, you'll most likely have to add your own salt because mine came completely salt free and without any condiments (i.e. ketchup).  Granted I was going through the drive thru at the peak dinner time hour, but these are pretty standard things to get with fries.

Needless to say, I went to cheer practice completely unhappy with this part of my meal.  I couldn't even get #1 to have some of them so they wouldn't go to waste.  Thank god, my whopper with cheese (and no bun) was supremely excellent! You win some, you lose some.

Overall, I am giving this product the following rating based on a scale where 1 is the absolute worst and 10 is the bestie, best, best:

Appearance: 6
Taste: 3
Texture: 4
Overall Rating: 4

Will I purchase this product again.  Probably not.  I just did not find them as enjoyable as the traditional French fry and let's be frank people, if I'm going to eat fries, then let's go for it.  Eat something that you like and enjoy.  Then move on.  Do not waste your time on something that you do not enjoy. It will not satisfy you and you'll go looking for more.  That completely defeats the purpose. 

I'd like to hear if others have tried these fries and what you all think about them!

Until next time,
J.K. Sasse

NOTE: Burger King has not sponsored any part of this post.  I purchased the SatisfriesTM with my own funds and the review of this product is my personal opinion.

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