Tuesday, October 8, 2013

PSA: Defined the "Sasse" Way

As I get this blog up and running, I want to make sure I define some terms and make some things very clear.  I've been drafting a lot of "PSA" (public service announcement) posts and thought, 'you know what, this deserves some attention. People need to know where I'm coming from.'  So here it goes, my first blog definition:

Public Service Announcement otherwise known as "PSA" defined by J.K. Sasse

Public Service Announcements are just my way of telling you about things I have experience with and I want to share it with you, the public, in order to assist you in some sort of fashion or for filing away for future reference.   I want you to have a starting point or hear how it went for me and/or my family. It does not mean that I have a medical degree, an early childhood degree, a psychology degree, or am an expert by any legal definition of the word on the subject.  I am a mother, wife, daughter/daughter in-law, employee, volunteer, crafter, scrapbooker, cook and many other things, all in which I have oodles of experience with.  I want to share these experiences with you so that you too can benefit from what went well and what didn't go so well.  These PSAs, I hope, will help you if you too need to go through something similar or provide it to someone that you may know going through the situation.

I have found these types of blips of wisdom to be invaluable when I hear them from others like friends, co-workers, family or even from blogs like this.  I will not only include these tidbits from other folks but include my experiences as well.  I want to share the love - share it I say.  It would be selfish of me to keep it all bottled up just for myself, now wouldn't it?

What I do not want anyone to get confused with, though, is that this is something that came from a medical doctor or some other kind of specialist with that specialist degree that practices this stuff every single day.  (This is my disclaimer and I'm sticking to it.) Nope, it's coming from someone who lives life and has had oodles of experiences, even at the very young age that I am.  It deserves to be shared because as we all know "it takes a village" people - a very huge village.  If you take advice from my blog great - but always run it by a professional first if you feel nervous or are unsure.  This is also my disclaimer that I cannot be held liable for anything that you choose to do based on a post that I write.

So from now on, if you see PSA in the title, just know that this is a little bit of "Sasse" wisdom coming your way.  I don't mean to offend or anything like that, I just want to educate and help my readers because really, it's all about you guys!  Thanks for reading.....

Until next time,
J. K. Sasse

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